Picture Day

This portal has been used by MyLifeTouch from the beginning to reach millions of users at the same time. It is very easy to use and safe. All your appointments are accessible through this portal.


You can also use this portal to purchase a license based on the number of sheets you have previously used. After receiving your request, we will process the remaining number of sheets. You can find your official account, your portraits, and your prints on the MyLifeTouch website.

MyLifeTouch Parents Perspectives 

The last adventure in life is being a parent. You are proud of your son and you see each year how he becomes more independent and individual. These properties are perfectly captured in school photos, so tagging images is important. The School Photo Set is likely to capture your growth better than any other.

And don’t forget that every year when you purchase a qualifying plan from mylifetouch.com, your child’s school digital photo is uploaded to your Shutterfly account and stored in Shutterfly’s free, unlimited storage space. This way you have a digital collection that keeps track of all the prints you order.

You will be very lucky to have this priceless collection when your child grows up. Make sure your prints are kept safe; B. Photo albums or secure storage drawers are good places to store photos. As you plan this particular dance, you will definitely take it off from time to time.

MyLifeTouch - Picture

As part of the Picture Day tradition, it captures smiling faces from kindergarten through high school, including sports, special events, seniors, and yearbooks. Families can also capture special attractions with MyLifeTouch’s JCPenney Portraits, offering additional photography services nationwide.

You will notice how much they have changed with age. To look to the future, it is important to understand where they come from. This trip is immortalized thanks to a collection of photos from the school.